We offer the right products for your requirements

mobikit is always endeavoured to offer the product that optimally covers its customers' needs. To achieve this, both parties need transparency and openness. That is why we do not commit ourselves to a fixed product and service portfolio in advance.

Cross-media approach

As content is nowadays expensive in its production but has a low value on the market, mobikit is keen to achieve multiple utilisation and the highest possible revenue through cross-media approaches with as little expenditure as possible. Examples: Teletext – Internet / Online – Mobile (SMS, MMS, WAP).


How can you achieve better customer loyalty? One possibility is clearly the interactive integration of TV- viewers in all types of live-broadcasts and commercial breaks, but also in feature-films or recorded lifestyle shows etc.

We are pleased to analyse your receptacle and information content resp. offers and make some meaningful suggestions as to what could be sensibly completed, removed or introduced from our point of view. At your request we will take care of the analysis, design and development, right through to integration, support and operation.


When is an outsourcing practical and realistic and when is it not? There are all kinds of different opinions and point of views on this. Above all, two subjects are decisive for this decision:

  • you can only outsource something if you know it exactly
  • you want to venture something new and you outsource it right

from the start because you can't or don't want to build up any resources in-houses

In both cases we are prepared to make you a specific offer for the best possible realisation.