We achieve added value for Content-owners

mobikit was founded in spring 2004. The company headquarters are located in Biel, the city of communication.

mobikit offers several consulting and sales services to its clients, who are owners of original content or technologies, and would like to expand the market and its portfolio with these products. mobikit customers will profit from the many years of experience of the protagonists and close cooperation with well-known partners.

The mobikit crew has more than 10 years experience in the field of Teletext and its possibilities with regard to advertising, interactivity and the connections/combinations with mobile and fixed network telephony as well as data-broadcast, the spreading of addressed and coded text and data via the analogue and digital television signal.

Through its membership in different organisations such as EACEM (European Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers), CTAG (Commercial Television Application Group) or EBU (European Broadcasting Union), a content network has been created to a large number of European Teletext providers (mostly TV stations) and the relevant hard- and software development companies.

Die mobikit Crew hat über 10 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich Teletext und dessen Möglichkeiten im Bezug auf Werbung, Interaktivität in Verbindung mit Mobile oder Fixnet-Telefonie sowie Databroadcast, dem Verbreiten von adressierten und verschlüsselten Daten über das analoge oder digitale Fernsehsignal.

These contacts, together with our know-how and close cooperation with our partners, allow us to offer complete services in these areas, beginning with consulting and development, integration and (if required) the take-over of (partial) operations.

We have also been involved in mobile and online-business for more than 5 years. Our forte here is the analysis and solution design in order to obtain added values for content-owners. An appropriate infrastructure for this exists or is being established in the head office of our partner [ipt] in Zug.